Software development from over 20 years of sales experience

Advancing digitalization and developments in artificial intelligence certainly have an impact on the way we reach our customers. But despite all these developments, personal contact will remain essential in the future. Ultimately, it's about trust and reliability - qualities that can best be conveyed through personal contact.

Digitize knowledge

The entire team should be able to benefit from knowledge

Develop modules

Individual modules enable individual and targeted application

Information exchange

Targeted exchange of information with the greatest possible transparency

Knowledge & Trust

Transparent provision of knowledge, enabling the greatest possible trust

My enthusiasm for programming

It all started during my school time - the fascination with mathematics, a C64 and the BASIC programming language. The challenge was not simply to solve the homework, the challenge was to program the path to the solution.

A few years later (with my first PC) I became interested in a then relatively unknown and relatively new operating system: Linux - more precisely Debian GNU/Linux. By the way: GNU stands recursively for "GNU's not UNIX" - because UNIX was commercialized, but Linux remained free software. That was the time of my first bash scripts and the creation of simple websites with HTML. Until today, Debian is my first choice for a server operating system.

For many years, the CMS Typo3 was an optimal solution for more complex websites, until I became aware of the Django framework some time ago. Since programming my first iOS app (the R1 Calculator) and the experience in Swift/SwiftUI, a solution as a web app should be created at some point. With Python and Django I have found my optimal combination for this.

Since my first experiences in programming, there has been a passion for automating recurring tasks. In my more than 20 years of professional experience as a customer advisor, I have repeatedly had to ask myself why time is literally wasted on tasks that could be completed much more efficiently, with less time and money, using a computer. The R1 Calculator is the first app based on iOS that greatly simplifies the calculation of shipping prices for a wide variety of shipments (national and international) and allows you to compare several shipping service providers at the same time. And what if you could integrate this into your company's own system via a web app or even an API and could provide to the sales team, for example?

But the R1 Calculator is just an example and just a step towards meaningful digitalization and relief for your own team. R2commerce, R3frameLED and R4shipping are web apps that will certainly be of interest to many companies.

Ronny Hirschmann

Year of birth 1975

Professional background

since 2020-09: Part-time self-employed (Rn-Software: development of applications and APIs for process optimization)

since 2010-12: Client Advisor (TEXSIB GmbH: digital Large Format Printing)

between 2001-03 and 2010-11: Client Advisor (b├╝roplan e. K.: Object facility)

Knowledge & Motivation

Specializing in a few areas has never been an option for me. My motivation is not just the variety, but also the holistic approach and the constant further development of projects.

Customer advisory100%
Project management100%
Shipping services / Logistics70%
Transparent process optimization90%
Django Webframework70%
JavaScript / TypeScript10%
Swift / SwiftUI60%
Debian Linux / Debian Linux Server80%
Affinity Designer70%