PimpYourFrame - R3 FrameLED as a Web App

The uncomplicated way to calculate individual picture frames with or without lighting, LED frames or stretcher frames

Profile selection

Decide on a profile after it is calculated

Frame formats

Calculate your frame to the millimeter


The calculation already takes into account how many parts the frame will be dismantled

Transport costs

As soon as the R1 Calculator is completed as a web app, the costs for transport will also be taken into account


The location determines the type of profile and fabric used. Especially for outdoor use, appropriate features are required for all materials used.

Profile type

The calculation puts together a selection of possible profile types. The calculated minimum price makes it easier to decide on the right price/performance ratio.


Free standing, hanging or wall mounted. The type of assembly determines the accessories required.


The possible forms of a framework are gradually implemented. For now, the calculation is limited to the rectangular shape.


The type of lighting has an influence on the effect and price of a frame that should not be underestimated.


In short: individual and of any size. Only physics and safety-related requirements set limits here.

Calculate individual frameworks for your project

The practical calculator will help you find the right framework for your needs. You can customize the size, material and design according to your needs. For legal reasons, the calculator is initially only made available to selected companies.

If you are also interested, please contact me via e-mail.