Competitive advantages through digitalization in companies

In order to be successful in the competition, it is essential to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Only those who offer their customers the greatest possible added value will be able to establish themselves as winners in the market in the long term. Close customer loyalty and fast sales processes are crucial in order to increase competitiveness and achieve a successful position in the market.

Inventory Analysis

Status of current digitalization in the company and its benefits for your team and your customers

Needs Analysis

How and where can processes be simplified, thereby creating advantages and saving costs

Benefits & Potential

Communicate the benefits and potential clearly


Develop, shape and implement strategies for your future customers

Total Cost of Ownership

Holistic view of digitalization and automation in the company and beyond

Quality & Empathy

Providing quality solutions with foresight and understanding the needs of your own team and customers


Since the development of the R1 Calculator, many new ideas have emerged. In the future, these ideas will primarily be implemented using the web framework Django. New apps can access it via RestAPI and display the corresponding results. The advantages lie not only in the reduced power consumption of smartphones or tablets, but above all in the fact that projects can be implemented more quickly and centrally. Interested companies will also be able to rent individual modules and access them via RestAPI.

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